Sunday, 27 January 2013

Miriam Weaver

In Greek mythology Artemis is depicted as compassionate, healing, self-sufficient and living life on her own terms. Artemis also gave others courage and leant them her strength. I have looked for women that have inspired and influenced change in the lives of other women. In my quilt design I’ve included the names of women from history and the present.
One of the women I chose to include in my quilt was Constance Howard (1910-2000). Some years ago I was invited to join a group from the Romford branch of the Embroiderers’ Guild on a trip to Goldsmiths College they were spending the day at the Constance Howard Resource Centre. I was new to the world of Embroidery and Textiles and had no idea who Constance Howard was or how important her influence was on contemporary embroidery. The memory of the visit has stayed with me - Constance Howard and her work has influenced me ever since. Never being fortunate enough to meet or hear her speak, I have spoken to some who did (some even lucky enough to be tutored by her), and they speak of the inspiration she gave them. She is included in my quilt to represent the textile artists and tutors that have influenced me in my short time as a ‘textile artist’.

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  1. A friend of mine owned a house in Warley, Elizabeth Fry used to live there. A lovely idea for your work.